Transhumanism and the Gender Agenda

Published by Dystopian Death
on February 2, 2022

Transhuman robotic skull

Imagine a world where you can be anything. A man, a woman, a bird, or any array of fictionalized creatures. Virtual reality is close to making this possible, but it is a temporary stepping stone to something much bigger. Big Tech, the biomedical industry, and governments are working hard create a world where we will biologically engineer our bodies with the ability to replace our hardware whenever, and however, we want to.

This may seem like a dystopian future that couldn’t possibly happen in our lifetime. Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering at Google and hired specifically to make this a reality, says it will be the year 2045. However, even if the technology is possible, we would need a massive cultural shift before anyone would be willing to change the biology they were born with. That is exactly what is happening with transgenderism; and despite the fact that very few people want to hear about it, Big Tech and the corporate media are constantly spreading non-binary ideology to the masses. This is not a random, unintentional consequence of a grassroots transgender movement. It has been planned for decades.

From Transgender to Transhuman

Martine Rothblatt from Transgender to transhuman
Martine Rothblatt literally wrote the book
for the current transgender movement

Martin Rothblatt is the founder and “chairwoman” of the board of United Therapeutics, former CEO of GeoStar, and the creator of SiriusXM Satellite Radio. In 2018, he was the top earning CEO in the biopharmaceutical industry. In 1994, he came out as a transgender woman and changed his name to Martine Rothblatt. This guy is very wealthy, and very popular in the tech industry.

In 1995, Rothblatt wrote a book called Apartheid of Sex: A Manifesto on the Freedom of Gender. This book was later updated and renamed From Transgender to Transhuman: A Manifesto on the Freedom of Form. Rothblatt argues that acceptance of gender non-conformity is the first step toward embracing and securing rights for future cyborg humanoids.

Rothblatt mentions three “concrete steps” that must be taken to “dismantle” the apartheid of sex. One of these includes:

“Adopting educational curricula and entertainment programming that encourage the concept of self-defined sex and flexible gender behaviors.”

That is exactly what we are seeing today. Non-binary teachers coming out to their elementary school students. Groomer teachers making students pledge allegiance to the gay-pride flag. Media and the entertainment industry “cancelling” anyone who speaks out against this agenda.

Rothblatt goes on to explain how transgenderism directly correlates, and will eventually lead to transhumanism:

“Will technology stop at transgenderism? If a century or so of technology has demolished millennia of absolute sexual duality, what might another few decades of exponentially growing technology do? Sex lies at the heart of biology, and yet in transcending biology, technology gave us an explosion of sexual identities. So, as technology continues to transcend biology, what next can we expect beyond the apartheid of sex? An explosion of human identities? The answer, in a word, is transhumanism.”

Years and Years

Bethany tells her parents she is
transhuman on Years and Years

Queer as Folk is considered the most influential LGBT television series of all time. However, it’s creator Russell Davies has another HBO series you may not have heard of, Years and Years.

Years and Years features a young black girl named Bethany. It is set in the future, where everyone has awesome technological gadgets. Bethany’s parents eventually look through her internet search history, and discover it is full of questions about being“trans”. Believing she is “transgender”, they are prepared to offer her overwhelming support. But Bethany is not transgender; she is transhuman, and wants to “live forever as information!” Bethany received a government-funded surgery that upgrades her eyes to cameras, and begins to transform into a cyborg superhero.

Daisy Reid, a graduate student in Comparative Literature at the University of Southern California, wrote an essay called “I Don’t want to be Flesh! Feminist Transhuman Futures in Years and Years”. In the article, Reid explains:

“Beyond this, the myriad parallels that are drawn throughout the series between transhumanism and transgenderism, from Bethany’s “coming-out” narrative to the nurse’s offhand comment about surgery regulation, plant the seed in the viewer’s mind that the perceived ontological split between human and technology will, in the future, be universally considered as much of an arbitrary social construct as gender norms will grow to become.”

Reid goes on to explain that Bethany’s younger cousin Lincoln is transgender, and in this future world, nobody seems to notice. They simply admire that he has a new hobby of wearing skirts.

So we see that the elite realize that transhumanism is not something the masses will immediately accept. First they must destroy bi-genderism, and once we are accustomed to people changing their biological hormones and genitals, it will be much easier to accept that people want to replace their biology with metal.

“That Bethany aspires to be, ‘Not male. Or female. But better’ (Years and Years E1) again recalls Haraway [A Cyborg Manifesto], in her provocative statement that, ‘The cyborg is a creature in a post-gender world.’”

The Matrix

Neo looks at girl in red dress from Matrix
Neo is distracted by a woman in a red dress,
who is actually an avatar created by Switch

In 1999, one of the most mind-blowing and top rated movies of all time was released. The Matrix warned us of a future world where our minds would be uploaded to computers and controlled by AI machines. The conservative right are now using the term “red-pilled” to describe themselves as awaken to the elite who wish to control us.

However, one of the movie’s creators, Andy Wachowski (now Lilly Wachowski) has condemned the right for using this allegory, because according to him, The Matrix is actually an allegory about transgenderism.

When asked about The Matrix and it’s transgender agenda, Wachowski said, “That was the original intention but the world wasn't quite ready. I’m glad that it has gotten out.”

This can be seen by one of the main characters named Switch. In one particular scene, Neo is distracted by a woman in a red dress. When he returns to the real world, it is revealed that the woman was actually an avatar created by Switch.

According to the director, and many trans writers, the movie has always been “meaningful” to trans people.

"They come up to me and say these movies saved my life. I'm grateful I can be throwing them a rope to help them along their journey."

The Matrix is a great movie, and it should be because it used the newest and most expensive technology at the time- which makes sense now that we have officially been red pilled.


There are several examples of transhumanism and transgenderism creeping its way into mass media. World governments and billionaire tech moguls are using propaganda, entertainment, and social media to directly influence people into accepting a transhuman agenda that they will build and control.

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